Established in France, ACTIONS CULTURE & DEVELOPMENT is a non-profit organization working towards the cultural field, development and gender equality.



  • Organization of:
    • Cultural events, travels, museums tour and natural sites exploration.
    • Art exhibition and tasting of worldwide culinary traditions.
  • Emphasize the African cultural histories and enable their wider dissemination.
  • Hosting information sessions focusing on empowerment and gender equality.

ODD, ONU, Sustainable Development

  • Advocacy 



  • Present at  the UN Commission on the status of Women (CSW 63) in NYC from 11 th to 22 thMarch 2019
  • Exhibition’s organization on the African twins «  HUMANS or DIVINES » at the Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac Museum in Paris on March 31st, 2019. More information at http://ibejijumeaux.com
  • Present at G7  “Make Gender Equaliy a Global Cause ” in Paris on May 10th.
  • Participation at the European Commission for the European  Development Days  (EDD)  from 9th to 10th June 2019.
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  • Organization of:
    • Cultural events, travels, museums tour and natural sites exploration.
    • Art exhibit and tasting of worldwide culinary traditions.
  • Hosting information sessions with a focus on empowerment and gender equality.
  • Setting up income-generating activities alongside co-operative companies and various agro-pastoral activities.
  • Training sessions, meetings organization to raise awareness on new technologies and how they can benefit to improve today’s educational system.



  • Contribute to the African tangible and intangible heritage furtherance
  • Cultural events organization
  • Sensibilization on gender equality



  • Artifact & painting exhibitions
  • Workshops on the African cultural inheritance
  • Art workshops organization
  • Promoting gender equality



ACTIONS CULTURE & DEVELOPMENT conducts its activities in France both at the community and the state levels, as well as in Benin and other African countries by given priority to culture, education and women’s endorsement.